Thursday, 9 July 2009

edible courgette salad

Yes, yes, I know courgettes *can* be the vegetable of the devil, but if you don't boil 'em to death they can actually be quite tasty. Have them raw in a coleslaw or grill the suckers into submission (see below) to enjoy in a salad with some nutty buckwheat and crisp apple. Just don't let my mum near them.

  1. A courgette
  2. 2 handfuls spinach
  3. cupful of buckwheat
  4. 2 spring onions
  5. 1 apple (granny smith's)
  6. olive oil
  7. lemon juice
  8. salt & pepper
  9. dried chilli (optional)

  • Halve the courgette widthways then slice as thin as you can lengthways without removing your skin. Brush lightly with olive oil, then bung under the grill. When one side chars, turn over, rebrush and slam 'em back in.
  • Prepare the buckwheat by rinsing thoroughly and boiling for approx 10 mins, depending on how crunchy you like.
  • Meanwhile, chop the spring onions and apple into bite-size chunks. Squeeze some lemon on the apple so it doesn't go brown and horrible, and make a vinaigrette with the rest of the juice, oil and seasonings.
  • When the buckwheat's ready, rinse under cold water to cool down and squeeze the water out. Then bung in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients (spinach, courgettes, onions, apple). Toss lightly with the vinaigrette, add the chilli if you're not a jessie and enjoy.

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